TuneCore iTunes links

For any artists who use TuneCore as their aggregator. You will find code to generate iTunes buttons for your albums and singles on each products Tunecore page. The code makes a button like this  Grace Bawden - Gifts of Grace  They look just  like buttons that you can generate at http://itunes.apple.com/us/linkmaker?  But these buttons are more useful. What is so cool abut these buttons is when a fan clicks on them they contain a URL which first opens the albums  iTunes Preview in a browser window ……………

And then open the album or single page on the open or last used version of iTunes on the fans computer or smart device etc..

It should not matter if the user is in France, Australian, Japan or the USA. Wherever they are they should end up with one click looking at your album in the iTunes store using  the correct language and currency and if they are iTunes users chances are they are looking at the store where they have their account.


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