Bonnie Lee Galea – Since I Fell For You

This is a an album of mainly swinging tunes and smokey blues with a nod to Mediterranean influences, Stand out tunes are Since I Fell for You, Mean to Me and the Maroon 5 tune Sunday Morning. See Bonnie’s web page for more

Since I Fell For You, Bonnie Lee Galea





iTunes go wrong – help them to get it right!

I think Apple have taken a wrong turn with the new iTunes 11 update by removing some key features.  Most concerning for this this writer is the removal of the user generated iMix ecosystem.  I am asking iTunes to bring back the iMix and I encourage you to do the same at their feedback page

I believe honest word of mouth  is the best recommendation and the iMix ecosystem contains plenty.  There are over zealous self promoters and fanatical fans in there  too but at least the content its real opinion and generated by real people.  Which is far better that the beefed “Listeners Also Bought” box which just looks like machine generated advertising to me.

iTunes 10.7  this afternoon, shows the Top-Rated iMixes on a popular artists page

10 iMixes

iTunes 11 no iMix box and a bigger Listeners Also Bought box.


The official response from apple…

“I am sorry to inform you that the following features are no longer available in iTunes 11:

1. iMixes

2. Gifting Custom Playlists

3. Alert me

4. Power Search

If you have any comments to be posted on this issue, please visit the following site and update your comments on the feedback page:

Apple recognizes that no one is better qualified to provide feedback about iTunes than the people who use it.

I encourage you to use the iTunes Feedback page to submit your comments:

Your efforts to share your feedback are very much appreciated.”

The iMix is a user generated recommendation tool that helps users find new music and the main channel  Tuneworks uses to promote indie artists.

New partner artist and in house productions.

We have new releases. Three from the Tuneworks studio and and one from our new partner artist Steven T Little.

The sound of the Daleks in their ongoing quest for gods job.

Angles from the Realms of Glory (feat. The Daleks) - Single, 2 D Angles from the Realms of Glory (feat. The Daleks) - Single - 2 D

Six track EP of Christmas songs. Some from the Tuneworks studio.

The Beggars Christmas - EP, The Beggars The Beggars Christmas - EP - The Beggars

An old friend gets a digital release.

Showbag Tattoo - Single, Steven T Little Showbag Tattoo - Single - Steven T Little

The Beggars first sessions at Tuneworks yielded this cover of the Mumford and Sons tune Little Lion Man.

Little Lion Man - Single, The Beggars  iTunes

Partner artists and Tuneworks in house Productions

We are pleased to welcome  a new partner artists. Those Kodiaks are a studio band  from Adelaide with a fantastic acoustic  pop sound. We think their songwriting is just outstanding.

Those Kodiaks Complete, Those Kodiaks Those Kodiaks Complete - Those Kodiaks

We are also very excited to release the  first in house productions from the Tuneworks studio.

Pumped Up Kicks [single] is a cover of the Foster The People hit and its from the 2 D production team.

Pumped Up Kicks - Single, 2 D [Acoustic Sessions] Pumped Up Kicks - Single - 2 D [Acoustic Sessions]

ROCK THE KIDS! is the cast album from Rockola’s long running [20 year] Hail Hail Rock ‘n’ Roll show and features a wide range of styles from bluegrass and rockabilly to heavy rock and funk.

Rock the Kids! Hail Hail Rock 'n' Roll, RockolaRock the Kids! Hail Hail Rock 'n' Roll - Rockola

New Price and Service

Tuneworks is now offering a choice of campaigns.

A & R Campaign – For artists who have their full album [s] at iTunes and want to promote multiple songs or are just not sure which track is the single. We will promote 3 tracks for $300 per month.

Single Campaign- For artists who are pushing a single. We will promote one track for $150 per month.

Campaigns are charged by the month and our playlists are published every week in Canada, U.K. Germany Japan, Australia and twice a week in the USA. All prices are in Australian dollars.

Labels can attract a discount for multiple A & R or singles Campaigns.

If you want to use Tune Works contact us  and include the name of the artist and track that you want us to work on and we will confirm that we can work on your music and send an invoice with terms of service.

Tuneworks is a marketer and our best results have been achieve working with quality artists in the Singer/songwriter, Alternative, Rock and Country  genera .  There is a search function for the iTunes charts which you can use  if you want to check the popular artists  in each genera To use Tune Works you must first make you music available at iTunes. Through an aggregator or a distributor.