Productions and Rates

Productions  from the Tuneworks Studio

My name is Quinton Dunne a long time music lover and bass player.Tuneworks is my in house studio at Belair which around 20 min from Adelaide. The studio has a live room, control room and a little concrete bunker for noisy amps.  It’s been functioning since early 2012. You can hear some of our work below. 2D is Stuart Day and myself working together as a production team.
Rates are $40 per hour for the studio with me engineering + any session players fees and $75 per hour for the 2D production service. [subject to change without notice]

Pumped Up Kicks [single] is a cover of the Foster The People hit and its from the 2 D production team. The Beggars EP of 6 Christmas songs

Little Lion Man is The Beggars cover of the Mumford and Sons hit.

ROCK THE KIDS! is the cast album from Rockola’s long running [20 year] Hail Hail Rock ‘n’ Roll show.


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